Pair colours that match


As artists, we continually pair colours that match.  Whether it’s on canvas, a studio set up for a photo shoot, interior decorating and even fashion.  It is true that some […]

Life’s lessons


I visited my grandmother for a whole day when I was 5 years old, only me and my granny (the Old Lady, as she was referred to by her children) for […]

Innovation and Collaboration


The Photography Market is so saturated with many really talented photographers, and with a declining market due to technology that allows amateurs, and potential clients to take really good photos […]

How it all started


Day 2 of the Feel Good Blogging Challenge is all about: ‘How it all started’ Soon after graduating from school, I was lucky enough to find employment with a large Mining […]

Newborn – Carla


One can not help but to fall head over hills for this little precious angle!  Throughout the session, she was so calm and alert…even smiled just like her daddy.

Newborn Shoot Sienanda


I was beyond happy to have had the opportunity to do Newborn Portraits for both Sienanda’s little babies, being born 2 years apart.  Are they not just too adorable!

Newborn – Tanya


A baby will make Love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for – Hot Moms Club

Newborn – Loutjie


Loutjie was only 2 weeks old when his mommy brought him to my studio.  Such a strong little boy, never cried once.   Only a few short months later, he […]

Newborn – Rene


          Rene and little Madison visited by Studio for some fun photographs.  Madison was such a trooper in spice of being a bit under the weather. […]



A model shoot is very different from most other services I offer, due to the professional nature of the Shoot (not creating memories, but building a Portfolio that showcases the […]

Matric Farewell


I love the excitement of Matric Farewells!  For most teenagers it is the first time in their lives dressing up and showing up!  (While the parents are still covering the […]

Maternity Shoot Sienanda


Sienanda’s excitement for the birth of her first child was so contagious during her Maternity Shoot that I almost considered having another baby.  She partook in each seen and setting […]

Maternity Shoot Elize


Thank heavens for little girls  8 years after the birth her first daughter, Elize and Wouter are now finally adding a little sister to the family, and they are thrilled! […]

Sanet and her family


Sanet is kind hearted person, she is filled with light and joy and carries with her the message of love and peace.  She always makes time for a conversation when […]

Jo-Ann’s Family


This young family is what happiness is made of.  I am yet to meet a family that loves each other more than this. They are blessed with the most beautiful […]

Van Jaarsveldt Family


Melanie wanted to surprise her parents with a Family Shoot for Valentines day, what transpired was the most amazing album of family portraits. This family blessed with the most wonderful […]

Carl & Yolanda


Yolanda is a lady with style and class, in her home, her style, and her attitude.  It was such an honour take family portraits of her gorgeous family in her […]

Devan Birthday Party


Devan’s second birthday party theme was pirates.  The children really enjoyed the costumes, cupcakes, sweeties and the jumping castle.  The parents enjoyed it as well.  Happy birthday little pirate!

Tanessa Kitchen Tea


Tanessa’s kitchen Tea Theme was High Tea, with a strong Vintage element which flows in nicely with her wedding theme.  Tanessa has a very keen eye for detail and event […]

Tino & Zanna


Oh how wonderful it is to be young and in love! Tino and Zanna were highschool sweethearts, their endless love not being deterred by time or distance as Zanna is […]

Tanessa & Henry


Henry and Tanessa entered a Jacaranda FM competition to win a free wedding! Step one – photo shoot.  Step two – online voting.  Step three – top three quiz at […]

Fire Truck Shoot


A Couple of years ago, the local Fire Station in Mokopane acquired a brand new Fire Truck.  It was big and red and shiny, and quite a site to behold. […]

Cake Smash – Thomas


I was so excited for this photo shoot, as it was my very first Cake Smash Photo Shoot and because I could put my Cake Decorating Hobby to good use […]