Maternity Photo Shoot – Nikki & Juan


We did a lovely Maternity Photo Shoot with Nikki & Juan on a very windy day in Port Elizabeth, with the most gorgeous natural light during the late hours of the afternoon!

Juan was so proud to boast with his radiant and beautiful wife, and the anticipation of the miracle they are waiting for is contagious!

These high school sweet hearts are so in sync with each other, that a mere glance contains a whole conversation of unspoken words.  No one else can bring a smile to Nikki’s face like Juan can, and when her smile lights up in front the camera, magic happens!

I was so surprized to learn that these two are avid Gamers, and the New Born Baby Outfit they brought along for the Shoot was super fitting, and super Cute:  “Player 3 has entered the Game”.

This little baby will be raised in a stable and loving home, by parents whose endless for one another and for him will be the wings underneath wings.

Juan and Nikki, I wish you all the best!  Enjoy every moment!


Maternity Shoot
DSC_3946-3_512x768 Pure Love
Maternity Shoot
We love you



Maternity Shoot
Baby Bump

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