Cutest little Newborn – Kiyara


Is this not just the Cutest Little Newborn Baby Girl you ever saw?

From the first moment I laid eyes on her I was totally smitten!

She fell in sleep in my arms, and I fell in love :-)

In our windy city of Port Elizabeth, both me and Mommy Katie felt uncomfortable with taking Kiyara outside in the foul weather.  Fortunately, my studio set up is completely mobile, and within only a few minutes the whole set up was complete in the comfort Baby’s own home!

The benefits of photographing this Cutest Little Newborn in her own home is endless!  Baby is much more relaxed in an environment with smells and sound that she is used to.  Feeding sessions are smoother and Mommy is much more comfortable.

I can not wait to see what the future holds for this Little Cutie Pie!

Outfits, headbands and knitted blankets by PROPHOTOPROPS.

Kiyara - Purple Dungaree and Bonnet
Cutest Little Newborn Outfit by Prophotoprops
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping like an Angel! Floral, lace and Beads Headband by Prophotoprops

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