Smashing Cake Smash Shoot with Rahul



I was so excited when Marcelle enquired about doing Cake Smash Shoot with us for her son Rahul who was about to celebrate his very first birthday.

My reply to her on e-mail was laden with exclamation marks and smiley faces.  I was sure she would think I’m crazy, but I just soooooo excited!

I absolutely love Cake Smash Shoots!  Love it!  Love it! Love it! It is such a monumental stepping stone in a Baby’s life to turn one full year old!  They are starting to explore tastes and textures, learning to walk and talk, learning to recognise their environment.  They become little humans.

When at first, the cake was placed in front of Rahul, there was a Candle on the cake…and the idea was we would sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, and the Marcelle would help him blow out the candle….but oh my goodness, that candle was in his hand faster that the speed the light and Marcelle was blowing profusely to take out the flame!  It was hilarious!

Normally, the one-year old needs a little bit of encouragement to tuck into the cake…but not this little one!  Before we knew it he was covered in icing sugar, smearing it on himself and on the floor with the utmost joy.  Much to our surprize, he reached forward, tucked his little fingers into the cake, and bam!  He took off the whole upper layer of the cake!  With great enjoyment!

Normally, the remains of the cake would go home with the family, but in this cake, what was left was a wreckage of crumbs and icing.  And a very proud mommy!

Marcelle, thank you so much for bringing Rahul to the studio for his Cake Smash Shoot!  I utterly enjoyed it, and his images are just adorable!

Decor and Background done by Prophotoprops

Cake by Smashing Cakes


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