Liz and Johan – Family Shoot



Johan and Liz spent the Christmas Holidays with their family in the Eastern Cape, travelling all the way from the UK!  While here, they embarked on a family adventure, a Family Photo Shoot!

It was such an honour and privilege to capture their beautiful family!

Zack is adorable!  Pretty blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart!

DSC_2510-3_512x768 DSC_2550-3_1024x683

Ize is a little princess!  She picks her dress up when walking in the sand on the beach, and near the end of the Shoot, she ate an ice cream, and as soon as the crumbs from the Ice Cream Cone fell onto her lap, she got up, dusted herself off, and continued enjoying her treat.




Liz and Johan are so in love, and they make the perfect couple!  Just see how radiant Liz is in the company of her Husband!




These two parents absolutely adore their children!  With all their heart!

DSC_2551-3_1024x683DSC_2916-3_1024x683DSC_2763-3_512x768 DSC_2814_1024x683DSC_2841_1024x683DSC_2913-3_1024x683DSC_2713-3_1024x683

Ize and Zack are such very happy children!  I just loved photographing them!

  DSC_2638-3_512x768    DSC_2727-3_512x768

DSC_2743-3_512x768  DSC_2767-3_512x768

And the award for the most beautiful princess of this decade goes to:  IZE!!

 DSC_2889-3_512x768   DSC_3012-3_1024x683

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