Angie & Bernard: Couples Shoot


She is a kind and gentle person, soft spoken and friendly.  She knew he was out there somewhere, and so she waited for him to enter her life one day ……

And so he did!

Equally kind and gentle, a perfect match, he swept her off her feet!  The love they share is true and honest, built on the pillars of their Christian beliefs.

We started our Photo Session with a stroll down the streets of Port Elizabeth, where we captured some magical moments while Angie and Bernard became more comfortable in front of the camera.

DSC_1855-2_512x768 DSC_1857-2_512x768 DSC_1881_512x768 DSC_1888_1024x683 DSC_1901_1024x683 DSC_1937-2_1024x683 DSC_1977_1024x683 DSC_2002_1024x683 DSC_2018_1024x683

We continued our Session at Happy Valley – Summerstrand, where they spent many strolls together as their relationship blossomed into the treasure it is today.   I was delighted to experience their more playful side, and the light hearted interaction between the two of them made for some stunning images.  He is the only one that can light up her whole face with a mere glance!

DSC_2059_1024x683 DSC_2061_1024x683 DSC_2069-2_1024x683 DSC_2089-2_1024x683 DSC_2106-2_1024x683 DSC_2184_512x768 DSC_2190-2_1024x683

I am smitten with these two!

DSC_2212_512x768 DSC_2314_512x768

I will end this post with the two of them walking to their bright future together…hand in hand!







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