Innovation and Collaboration


The Photography Market is so saturated with many really talented photographers, and with a declining market due to technology that allows amateurs, and potential clients to take really good photos with their Iphones, Smartphones and Cheap entry level DSLR Cameras – The Photography Industry could be in real trouble.

To stay in business, we as photographers, have to hustle, innovate, create new ideas, market-market-market, to stay afloat in the industry and generate a sustainable income.

These new innovative ideas are really great, and I personally love the idea of Announcement Shoots.  The images below was taken by Elanie of Davish Photography based in Limpopo. (She is such a talented photographer!)  Below are the images that was posted on the Clients’ Facebook Page to announce the gender of their unborn child.  This is so much more creative than just posting ‘It’s a boy!’.  I absolutely love it!





The next set of images was also done by Elanie, announcing that she herself was expecting her second child.

Her insanely beautiful little girl posed for the pictures, announcing that she is going to be a big sister.  This not only is the most adorable set of images you ever did see, but also so creative and inspiring!  I have attached the links above to Elanie’s facebook page to see some more of her work.


Connecting the dots and collaboration between different industries is also an innovation on it’s own.  Below are a few images of a scrapbook I compiled (in stead of a photo book), for prospective clients to see my printed work during Client interviews.  Because I am a lover of many different genre’s of Arts and Crafts, the Scrapbook was a better representation of who I am, as a person.  Creating scrap books for your clients displaying their images in a unique personalized scrapbook might not appeal to everyone, but it is an option that is available to my clients.  They love it!

DSC_1731_1024x683 DSC_1733_1024x683 DSC_1734_1024x683 DSC_1735_1024x683 DSC_1741_512x768 DSC_1747_1024x683 DSC_1748_1024x683


Another great idea of innovation by collaboration is to have your most precious memories captured in Pencil Drawings or Oil Paintings.    Since I’ve been drawing and painting long before I fell in love with photography, this is a unique option I can offer my clients and I hope to have the opportunity to provide this service to other photographers as well.

Photo Credit:  Prophotocraft DSC_1750_1024x683 DSC_0537-2_1024x683



Photo credit:  Davish Photography DSC_1751_1024x683 12019875_10208014010816637_696999188092956622_n-2


Photo credit:  Prophotocraft 1977438_1542539609328509_3775011133823778672_n untitled-735_512x768


I really hope to see more Collaborative Innovation in the Photography industry in the future, where photography can become a medium for even greater products and options on offer to Clients.

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