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As a creative, selling your products and services is so much more than the retail industry of which we as consumers has the most experience in.  Very often we try to sell our art in die exact same way that have been buying washing detergent, chocolates and facial cream….consumables!  Our art however, is an everlasting reflection of us as artists, our clients being kindred souls with an appreciation of what we as artists and as individuals offer.

In the world of photography…the ability to produce images reflective of Client’s nature, dreams and hopes, the ability to portray without words, the love shared between family members, couples, siblings and newly weds.  The ability to capture the unseen…

As part of a 7 Day Blog challenge I have been tasked to write a blog post of my ideal client.  I have drawn up profiles of my ideal clients before, all the demographics, ages, fashion….everything!  What I didn’t consider however, was ME!  A key ingredient in this industry is finding potential clients that can relate to you as a person, it’s an inevitable law of attraction.  By knowing yourself first, you should surely have a clear understanding of who your ideal will thus be, so even though the challenge was to describe You (the reader/the potential client), I’m going to start with the girl in the mirror, staring back at me right now thinking ‘oh yeah, that’s it!  You’re crazy as beeswax women!

I have no sense of fashion!  I take my 14-year old daughter with me for my dose of retail therapy, which to me, is no therapy at all!  If I could do ALL my shopping online, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought!

I love travelling, being a stranger in new surroundings with different cultures, whether and vibes.  I love seeing something for the first time, taking it in and making it part of my soul.  It reminds me to always be appreciative of our wonderful world, to sometimes just stand still and admire, and let nature become part of you.  And off course it allows me the opportunity to add to my personal photography collection.

I’m a bit of MasterChef at heart.  I have to say at heart because my taste buds don’t always agree with this generous statement.  Cooking excites me, and whenever I have control over the television, I always tune in to one of the cooking channels.  I’m that strange person that squeal with excitement when seeing a ‘foreign’ ingredient in a supermarket for the first time!  I will buy it, only to find that I cannot remember in which recipe it was used, which then leads me many invention tests of my own.

I am a dreamer.  When I was little I read a book named ‘Faikonta’…which meant ‘ as if it were’.  This book single-handedly taught me that is was okay to dream (which I needed because I was brought up with a strong sense of ‘reality’ and ‘think practical’).  I now know that both is fine, dreams and reality…and both form an underlining essence of who I have become.  I always return to my ‘Faikonta’-world each night before I fall asleep, because really, the world is full of possibilities, and sometimes we as humans do not fear failing as much as fear our own greatness.

I’ve been a creative all my life.  I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, I cannot remember ever not drawing and painting.  I’m a qualified accountant and in the world of standards and perceptions, figures and art do not match right?  I suspect though, that my creativeness has played an integral role in my career.  Creativity and art are two different concepts.  In the corporate world, being creative makes you a problem solver, a thinker, a creator of many different avenues other than the ones often travelled.

I am a single mother.  I have had a very tragic first marriage which left me scarred and untrusting of my own ability to maintain a successful relationship.  I love love and weep when viewing a good emotionally drenched love story, or reading a good old fashioned book.  I believe that one day, I might find my own true love, my own person…that ‘completes’ me!  This dream however, is not a prerequisite for my happiness.

I have been employed at the same company for 15 years (since I was 20 years old), which is basically my whole life.  Only recently have I decided to pursue Photography full time, having been a part time photographer for the last 7 years.  With each passing day, I fell more and more in love with photography, and more and more out of love with my accounting career.  The change has been a big leap for me, and I am scared, nervous, excited, hopeful, joyful and reserved…all at the same time!

My ideal client is someone that, after having read who I am, would want to start a conversation with me.  If you are that person, I would really love to get in touch with you!  I’ve been looking for you!

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