Yolandi, Rudi and Ruben – Family Shoot



Yolandi and Rudi’s lives are filled with joy and appreciation for their precious gorgeous little boy, Ruben.

Ruben is playful, energetic…quite a little actor with so much character!  It truly was a pleasure to observe him in a natural outdoor setting for the family photography session a few days ago.

It was very to see how the strong bond between Yolandi and Rudi has created a stable and loving platform for Ruben’s development, knowing he is safe in their love and care.


We started the session with a road trip down to Sea View, along a narrow road with loads of trees, framed by long green grass and luscious leaves from the trees, with extraordinary light being slightly overcast.


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As we continued on our journey, we found a lovely open field with white wooden fence, creating a ‘ranch’ feeling and Ruben was eager to explore and climb and just BE the curios little boy that he is.  Ruben loves flowers, and was overjoyed with the little yellow daisies randomly scattered in the field.  He picked a flower and carried it with him until we reached our next destination, admiring it, smelling the scents, and of course sharing the wonder which he holds in his hands with his parents.

DSC_0313_1024x683 DSC_0357_1024x683 DSC_0364-2_512x768

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Once we reached the beach, Ruben could barely contain himself.  He ran around on the beach, picking up pebbles and throwing them into the see and then running away from the water as the waves came crushing in.

DSC_0435_1024x683 DSC_0474_1024x683 DSC_0486-2_1024x683

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Being surrounded by the beautiful natural backdrop of the ocean and having the honour to observe God’s creation in all it’s glory was a truly magnificent experience.  Having to opportunity to observe God’s greatest creation, the human race, in the form of this wonderful little boy, and the way that he appreciated, interacted and just truly lost himself in nature was spectacular.


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