Van Jaarsveldt Family


Melanie wanted to surprise her parents with a Family Shoot for Valentines day, what transpired was the most amazing album of family portraits.

This family blessed with the most wonderful beauty-genes ever, and talented too!

Melanie received the reward for the best netball player this year and Kim bakes the most delicious cakes, so beautifully decorated that you almost don’t want to eat it.  You can check out Kim’s Facebook page to see some of her work:  Kim’s Creations.

Gerrie&Kim 2014 12801 - Copy Gerrie&Kim 2014 12835 - Copy Gerrie&Kim 2014 12837 - Copy Gerrie&Kim 2014 12841 - Copy Gerrie&Kim 2014 12846 - Copy untitled-181 untitled-195

untitled-169 untitled-197

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