A model shoot is very different from most other services I offer, due to the professional nature of the Shoot (not creating memories, but building a Portfolio that showcases the models best attributes with images).

Below are some of my favourites:

jamz6136 jamz6156 jamz6180 jamz6202 jamz6208 jamz6210 jamz6235 jamz6242 jamz6286 jamz6322 untitled-116-2_1024x681 untitled-146_1024x681 untitled-175_512x768 untitled-420_512x768 untitled-1090-2_1024x683 untitled-1098_512x768 untitled-1108-2_512x768 untitled-1155_512x768 untitled-1273_512x768 untitled-1287_512x768 5_723x768 8_415x768 12_413x768 13_400x768 31_488x768

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