Matric Farewell


I love the excitement of Matric Farewells!  For most teenagers it is the first time in their lives dressing up and showing up!  (While the parents are still covering the bills)

I have put together a selection of some of my favourite images.  Enjoy!

DSC_0011_479x768 untitled-102_512x768DSC_0017_1024x681 DSC_0018_1022x768 DSC_0029_1024x681 DSC_0030_1024x681 DSC_0039-2_1024x681 DSC_0041_1024x741 DSC_0043-2_1024x648 DSC_3041_457x768 untitled-84_1024x683 untitled-86-2_1024x683  untitled-120_1024x683 untitled-142_1024x683 untitled-319_512x768 untitled-358_512x768

 untitled-332_512x768 untitled-363_1024x683 untitled-376-2_1024x683 20101010_96 - Copy_1024x683 20101010_122_512x768 20101010_215_1024x683 20101010_903_1024x683 20101010_923_512x768 untitled-1045-2_512x768 Zanna12006

Zanna12013 Zanna12019 Zanna12072 Zanna12125 untitled-475_1024x683 untitled-430_1024x683 untitled-421_1024x683 untitled-413_512x768 untitled-405_1024x683 untitled-380-3_512x768

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