Wedding – Tanessa & Hendry


I was not the official photographer for Tanessa’s wedding, we were had our hip, fun and exciting photo booth set up for guest photos.  (Which is really a great idea […]

Wedding – Lana & Ernst


Theirs’ is an epic love story!  They married when they were still very young, but the storms of life broke their hearts and their marriage.  Fate new that they were […]

Newborn – Carla


One can not help but to fall head over hills for this little precious angle!  Throughout the session, she was so calm and alert…even smiled just like her daddy.

Newborn Shoot Sienanda


I was beyond happy to have had the opportunity to do Newborn Portraits for both Sienanda’s little babies, being born 2 years apart.  Are they not just too adorable!

Newborn – Tanya


A baby will make Love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for – Hot Moms Club

Newborn – Loutjie


Loutjie was only 2 weeks old when his mommy brought him to my studio.  Such a strong little boy, never cried once.   Only a few short months later, he […]